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My name's Nick. I’ve been suffering from depression on and off since 2012.

During that time I’ve thought on so many occasions that life wasn’t worth living anymore. I’ve had periods where I’ve thought about suicide multiple times per day. I’ve been signed off work on several occasions because I just couldn’t cope. I’ve isolated myself from friends and family. I’ve drunk too much booze and overeaten to try and help me deal with the horrible negative thoughts going through my mind. It’s been a hell of a journey (with the emphasis quite often on ‘hell’!). I’ve written more about this here.

It took me a long time to realise that feeling shit and worthless and lonely and like I couldn’t cope any more was not normal (though, sadly, not uncommon in society these days).

Who would’ve guessed eh?! But that’s the strange thing I found about depression - what would have seemed obvious to an impartial observer was a complete mystery to me. So it was always going to take me a while to work out that there were practical things I could do to help myself feel better.

Over the years I’ve learned - and am still learning - how to manage the symptoms of my depression. I’ve changed my diet, cut down on drinking, started doing more exercise, done lots of therapy, tried meditation, taken medication, deleted most of my social media apps, written gratitude lists, made daily affirmations and talked to lots of friends and family about what it’s like to have depression.

These things haven’t always been easy and I haven’t always been able to stick with them but when I have they have helped me. And I really believe they can help other sufferers of depression too.

So, on this site, I’m sharing all the things I’ve learned, as well as the useful and sometimes surprising things I’ve come across about depression and managing its symptoms.

This website is designed to give you practical ideas about how to manage your depression. It focuses on self-care - as a complement to therapy and medication. Disclaimer! I’m not a doctor (terrified of needles and not great around blood, I’m afraid). I’m just someone with depression sharing my experiences and the information that I’ve found to be useful.

When I’ve been depressed, I’ve had precisely zero ability to scour the internet for advice on how to feel better. Even though there's loads of good stuff out there, it’s all over the place. So one of the aims of this website is to bring all that information together, in one place, in a way that’s accessible, so that you don’t have to.

The information on this website is evidence-based and has been put together with the help of psychotherapists and people suffering from depression. 

Obviously not all of these suggestions will be relevant or practical for everyone but there will be some ideas here that could work for you so cherry pick the bits that resonate with you, and feel free to ignore the ones that don’t, rather than feeling you’ve got to try and do EVERYTHING.

If you’ve got ideas or information that I should include please let me know! I’m hoping that in time we could grow this into a community of like-minded sufferers who could help support each other when we’re feeling low.

Clearly I would advise anyone feeling depressed to be in touch with their GP to discuss the best treatment plan for you, and if you’re feeling suicidal at any point then it’s essential you contact the wonderful people at the Samaritans on 116 123 or dial 999 if you feel you’re at risk of hurting yourself. For information about helplines, support groups and finding a therapist see our get help page.